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Why The 'Warren Buffett' Of Weed Is High On The Market

National Retail

Legal marijuana reached new highs in 2015, hitting $5.4B in sales—a number that could grow to $6.7B in '16. The budding retail opportunity is even boosting up property values in prohibition-free locales like Denver.

Legality continues to expand as well, with seven states to vote on recreational use this year, on top of the four already allowing it. A total of 23 states have legalized medical marijuana, with experts forecasting a $21.8B sales increase by 2020.

With all that green flying around, investors are looking for a piece of the action, and are debating the ethics of cashing in on Mary Jane. In Bisnow's Video Of The Day, the "Warren Buffett" of marijuana breaks down why you need to say yes to pot investments.