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Want To Eat A Meal Under The Sea? Here's Your Chance

As of 2019, a fishing village on the coast of Norway will be home to an underwater restaurant.

Europe's first underwater restaurant

Designed by Shetta, an architecture and design studio based in Oslo and New York, the restaurant will sit approximately five meters under the surface of the water and will be made of concrete with large acrylic windows that allow guests to peer out into the North Sea, Fast Company reports. 

The exterior is created to fuse with the local ecosystem and will invite mussels to cling onto it with the eventual goal of turning it into an artificial mussel reef that will naturally purify the sea and attract marine life, Arch Daily reports.

Snøhetta-designed underwater restaurant on the coast of Norway.

The interior of the building will serve as both a restaurant space for people to enjoy cuisine and a place for visitors to learn about sea life and the value of the ocean.

When the facility is not being used for dining or educational tourism purposes, it will serve as a marine research center where scientists will train wild fish with sound signals and study their behavior.

Researchers are also working to ensure fish and shellfish can flourish in the vicinity of the restaurant.

Whether these end up on a plate or not is still to be determined.