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These 3 Retailers Have A Chance Of Survival Against Amazon

Navigating the retail landscape has become a challenge for most retailers, especially with industry leaders like Amazon helming the ship.


In recent years, Amazon has increased its push to branch out in both digital and brick-and-mortar formats, sending retailers and investors scrambling to hold on to traffic and sales for dear life.

The day Amazon announced plans to purchase Whole Foods Market in a $13.7B buyout deal may be known in coming years as “the day retail changed forever,” Morningstar reports.

While several grocers and retailers have suffered store closures and plunging stock prices due to aggressive e-commerce competition, the Amazon effect may not translate to bad news for all retailers. Below are three retailers that stand a chance against Amazon, Axios reports.

Lowe’s: Thanks in large part to its bulky shipments, which include items like drywall and heavy two-by-fours, this retailer is facing less competition than most given the complicated nature of shipping their items on offer.

Costco: The wholesale behemoth has a few advantages when it comes to competing with Amazon, the most important of which is its focus on gas and bulk items sales, neither of which are offered by Whole Foods. Costco also has the advantage of targeting a separate, older demographic for its memberships than Amazon Prime, which tends to target a younger crowd. 

Walmart: While Amazon and Walmart may constantly be battling it out for customers' affection, Axios reports Walmart holds the advantage when it comes to scale and supplier relationships. Its long-term and positive relationships with suppliers allows the retailer to compete with Amazon when it comes to price.