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Nation's Largest Mall Landlord: Shopping In-Store Is More Eco-Friendly Than E-Commerce


A study by the nation’s largest mall landlord, Simon Property Group, claims that heading to brick-and-mortar malls is more eco-friendly than shopping online.

Mall shoppers travel in groups and buy more than one product, reducing their environmental impact, while online shoppers return products more often, wasting packaging, the study claims.

“We wanted to make the point that consumer choices matter,” head of sustainability at Simon Mona Benisi tells the Wall Street Journal. Other studies have found shopping online reduces environmental impact

“There’s just not a black-and-white answer to this question,” Jason Mathers, a supply chain specialist at the Environmental Defense Fund, says, adding that if you’re looking to grab one item—and you have to drive some to get it—it’s probably better to shop online. [WSJ]