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Retailers Are All Fighting Over This Specific Type Of Millennial


Nearly half of all Millennial women are now mothers—and those new moms are retailers’ next target

Chick-fil-A just launched “Mom’s Valet,” a service that lets parents with young children order in the drive-thru and then go inside to their already-setup table—including high chairs if necessary.

Starbucks is looking towards young parents as well, stocking its UK stores with emergency diaper kits and training baristas to warm milk bottles and service parents with young children, Business Insider reports.

Target’s CEO, one-upping both companies, is trekking around the country to visit the homes of Millennial moms to understand their shopping habits.

According to a study by The NPD Group, Millennial moms value convenience more than older mothers, do more research before buying and prefer more organic products—which is exactly why retailers like Target, Walmart and Kroger have been ramping up their selection of organic foods. [BI]