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Chipotle To Drop ShopHouse, Focus On Burgers And Pizza For Profits


Chipotle is done with ShopHouse, its Thai restaurant chain, and is shifting focus towards pizza and burgers.

The firm announced Tuesday it will cease investment into growing and developing ShopHouse and will pursue “strategic alternatives,” Business Insider reports. It’s likely Chipotle will either shut down or sell all 15 ShopHouse locations in Washington, DC, California, Maryland and Illinois.

But Chipotle’s days of dabbling in foods outside burritos aren’t over—the firm plans to focus its side efforts on build-your-own pizza and burger restaurants, Pizzeria Locale and Tasty Made. The first Tasty Made is set to open this fall in Lancaster, OH, and there are currently seven Pizzeria Locales spread across Colorado, Missouri, Ohio and Kansas. [BI]