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Amazon's Latest Suitor Is ... Carl's Jr.?

The burger chain once known for its raunchy bikini-filled ads is now trying to seduce the belle of the ball, Amazon.


Early Friday morning, the Franklin, Tennessee-based company began courting Amazon on Twitter with the hashtag #AmazonBuyUs. Every hour for the next 24 hours Carl's Jr. will continue to tweet its next "Billion Dollar Idea" to Amazon, each more ridiculous than the next. 

The tweets may be silly, but the solicitation is very serious, a Carl's Jr. spokesman told TheStreet.

“This is about generating a conversation around a partnership,” Carl’s Jr. and Hardee's Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Jenkins told USA Today of the eyebrow-raising campaign. “The tweets are obviously a start to try and see where the dialogue goes … have a lot of fun with it, and see if they find the spirit of it as fun as we do.”

If Amazon is looking to increase its real estate presence, there are worse options. Combined, Carl's Jr. and Hardee's owner and operator CKE Restaurants has more than 4,100 locations in 44 states. The fast-food parent company is worth around $1.7B, according to recent Securities and Exchange Commission filings. Amazon could get a discount. Carl's Jr.'s average store sales have seen nearly no growth in recent years, according to National Restaurant News' ranking report.

Carl's Jr. is convinced the acquisition will pay for itself through the company's "Billion Dollar Ideas."

Carl's Jr. could help Amazon launch its drone delivery service nationwide. 


What about freshly cooked burgers inside Whole Foods? Are you starting to see the synergy, Amazon?


Take the Prime experience a step further.


Not a fan of the drive-thru? What if the restaurant drove to you? Now you're getting it.


Carl's Jr. has a firmer grasp on some ideas than others.


Amazon has not officially responded to the song-and-dance act yet. The company may be a little busy sorting through the mountain of other pitches from cities seeking to bring Amazon's second headquarters to their local economy. But that is OK. Take your time, Amazon. Really think this through. Though the ideas will only last 24 hours, Carl's Jr. will be courting Amazon all week. Amazon could not be reached for comment.