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Amazon Supply Chain Troubles: Now They’re Suing A Soon-To-Be Target Exec


Amazon filed a lawsuit on Monday against former exec Arthur Valdez, arguing that taking his talents to Target violates the non-compete agreement he had with the company.

The filing says Valdez can’t lead Target’s supply chain without using confidential info he learned from his tenure at Amazon, Retail Dive reports.

Valdez was Amazon’s VP of operations before he left to join Target as executive VP, chief supply chain and logistics officer, a move that was set to go through March 28.

The suit comes as Amazon is having a host of supply chain troubles. The online retailer is moving forward to control its own transportation of products, but increasing costs have some investors worried about the transition.

Not least of those costs is its recent near-doubling of lobbying efforts to get legislative go-aheads for drones and bigger shipping trucks. [Retail Dive]

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