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7 Fast-Growing Fitness Franchises

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    7 Fast-Growing Fitness Franchises

    The $30B a year fitness industry is running on high speed, with growth projections through 2020. Fueling that number, a wave of fitness chains have been tearing through local markets, leasing rather than buying real estate. Here are 7 major chains to watch for.

    1. Planet Fitness

    Locations: Over 773

    Stores opened last year: 146

    Headquarters: Newington, NH

    The New Hampshire gym chain sold 9.1 million shares in its IPO back in July. Its success can be attributed to its crazy-low prices—we're talking $10 a month, no commitments, a far cry from the industry's common $100 rates—and a no judgment-zone atmosphere.  

    2. Anytime Fitness

    Locations: 2,463

    Stores opened last year: 120

    Headquarters: Woodbury, NY

    With franchises in over 19 countries—such as the Grand Cayman, Poland and Qater—this gym rose to the top by keeping its doors open 24 hours a day for 365 days a year. 

    3. Pure Barre

    Locations: 300

    Stores opened last year: 93

    Headquarters: Spartanburg, SC

    Pure Barre isn't a giant room with treadmills and weights but instead a studio franchise that features a ballet-like workout with moves such as squats and lunges. The new workout style gained fast popularity and just broke into Canada this past summer with plans for its first Toronto location. 



    4. 9Round

    Locations: 167

    Stores opened last year: 84

    Headquarters: Greenville, SC

    This kickboxing studio successfully branded itself with its trademarked nine-station routine, allowing it to branch out into Mexico, Australia, Canada and soon the Middle East.

    5. Orangetheory Fitness

    Locations: 108

    Stores opened last year: 72

    Headquarters: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

    This boutique studio chain's flagship location was obviously in New York's trendy Chelsea neighborhood. It's high-tech strategy is to offer a heart rate monitor to every customer along with interval training. 

    6. Title Boxing Club

    Locations: 135

    Stores opened last year: 32

    Headquarters: Overland Park, KS

    Started in 2008 by former professional boxer Danny Campbell, the nation's largest boxing franchise grew over 1,700% over the past three years with classes designed to help participants burn up to 1,000 calories.

    7. UFC GYM

    Locations: 105

    Stores opened last year: 32

    Headquarters: Santa Ana, CA

    UFC GYM prides itself on a "train different" business model by having coaches teach customers one-on-one. (The rub from one of the most valuable sports brands today doesn't hurt, either.) A Sydney, Australia, location stands a whopping 32k SF in a high-profile green building, including solar power water features and resourceful lighting resources. 

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