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It's a competitive world for commercial properties these days, and building management needs comprehensive tools to create a better building, one that surpasses the competition. The Building Owners and Managers Association's BOMA 360 program is a definitive and proven road map to that kind of success, and our partner Electronic Tenant Solutions' (ETS) apps and services provide the compass, engine and fuel to navigate it.

Pictured below: An invaluable web-based, desktop and mobile, informational hub providing 24/7 access to any and all information needed by tenants and others associated with the property.


BOMA 360 is key because it sets the standard for operational best practices in the CRE industry. Yet meeting the BOMA 360 designation can seem daunting, since it involves a diversity of requirements. Yet all buildings can achieve it. ETS offers a comprehensive suite of resources for the owner and manager seeking to meet the BOMA 360 requirements for best practices -- all in a single source.

Pictured below: Professional grade, powerful and agile alert app to rapidly communicate information via desktop posting, mobile posting, email and text/SMS messaging.



ETS supports key areas of the BOMA 360 program:

1) Operations and Management. This includes real-time optimization of equipment performance to help owners gauge health of their property.

2) Training and Education. Tools to help managers and their staff achieve best practices, workflow process/efficiencies, actionable data, and more.

Pictured below: Comprehensive Mobile Task Management propels efficiency in workflow, streamlines performance data collection and ensures timely and thorough responsiveness. 


3) Security and Safety. Tools to promote and document preparedness and understanding of the procedures required in safety and security for the property.

4) Energy. Provides real-time energy usage feeds for tenants and optimization of equipment performance, resulting in substantial energy cost mitigation.

Pictured below: Comprehensive service and work order request management ensures responsiveness and efficient workflow / resource utilization delivering considerable time savings and heightened tenant satisfaction.


5) Sustainability. Tools to plan and implement conservation efforts for the property, with real-time data to create tenant engagement in sustainable efforts.

6) Tenant Communications. Achieved through ETS' Electronic Tenant Portal, which helps plan for events, alerts tenants of events or initiatives, and sends customized email and text messages as reminders.

Pictured below: Video life safety training and testing mitigates risk, lessens liability and advances tenant confidence and preparedness.


Pictured below: Beyond assessing consumption and providing automated energy cost savings opportunities, the energy application helps drive Energy Star reporting/performance and substantially eases administration, budgeting and tenant billing. As a result, the app delivers a substantial Return on Investment (ROI)


Pictured below: Dedicated initiative portals provide portfolio wide visibility and direction to engage, educate and empower tenant participation.


Pictured below: Initiative campaigns engage, educate and empower tenants to advance goals and initiatives most important to property management and ownership.

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