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What You Don't Know About Dan Chancey


Photo: Dan at the Board of Governors meeting during BOMA's Every Building Conference & Expo in Orlando last year.

Location: Memphis, TN

Position: VP and senior asset manager with Cushman & Wakefield/Commercial Advisors Asset Services, as well as secretary/treasurer for BOMA International.

Responsibilities: In my professional role, I am responsible for the operation of several properties, including the largest single LEED-certified office tower in Memphis and the largest adaptive reuse development in the State of Tennessee. In my leadership role with BOMA International, I am responsible for making sure that the organization's finances are maintained as approved by the Board of Governors and as stipulated in the bylaws, among other governance duties.

How you got involved in property management: I started out working as a maintenance manager for a small office park in Memphis, and I soon began to take on full management responsibilities for the entire property. Eventually, I was able to take advantage of new office building development by the company and became responsible for their entire commercial portfolio.

Industry and life extracurriculars: In addition to my current role as BOMA International secretary/treasurer, I have served on the BOMA 360 Performance Program Council and BOMA International’s Finance and Audit committees. I also served multiple terms as president of BOMA/Memphis. I am active as a leader in my church, and most importantly, I also am the very best soccer coach my daughters have ever put up with!

Daily habit: I never leave the house without telling my wife and daughters, "I love you."


Photo: Dan with BOMA International staff at the org's booth during Greenbuild in Washington, DC, this October.

Favorite book: Lost in Shangri-La by Mitchell Zuckoff.

Favorite music: Everything from Billy Joel to Beethoven.

Favorite movie: It’s a toss-up between The Best Years of Our Lives and Taking Chance.

Favorite restaurant: Anywhere, as long as my wife, Beth, is there to share the experience.

Favorite vacation: Not long after we were first married, Beth and I took a vacation driving through the Tennessee mountains. We traveled until half the gas money was gone, and then we made our way back home. It was the best 12 days I ever spent on vacation.

First job: Paperboy.

Job in another life: Naval aviator.

Item on bucket list: Visit Germany, Austria and parts of Eastern Europe.

Person you'd like to meet, dead or alive: I think Andrew Jackson would be interesting to meet.

Family life: I have been married to my wonderful wife, Beth, for 24 years. We have three beautiful daughters: Hannah, 18, Mary, 15, and Ruth, 12.

Startling fact: I have held several unusual jobs—everything from a bouncer to a machinist to an air traffic controller—but the strangest job I ever had was as a kill floor worker at a beef slaughterhouse.