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Tenant Engagement Tools Bolster Building Safety And Preparedness Campaigns

National Preparedness Month was launched in 2004 as part of a governmental effort aimed at strengthening preparedness initiatives in the US and educating the public.


It’s especially important for the commercial real estate industry, which deploys preparedness tools that encompass prevention, protection, response and recovery to prepare properties and tenants for hazards, whether active shooters, terrorist attacks, chemical incidents, fires or natural disasters.

Although property managers should always be vigilant, this month serves as a reminder to reinforce existing prevention tools and implement those missing.

Electronic Tenant Solutions provides comprehensive and user-friendly tools property managers can use to prepare tenants.

When staff is prepared, tenants take comfort in knowing resources are available, increasing satisfaction and retention. It is critical to help owners and managers prepare tenants in advance and to give them the ability to efficiently communicate during an event. ETS technology complements this two-pronged approach.

An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure


The questions property managers should be asking regarding reaching tenants in advance of an emergency are:

  • Do we have a centralized emergency preparedness resource?
  • Is it available on mobile?
  • Do we have alert messaging capabilities?
  • Do we know if our tenants are engaging with preparedness resources?

If the answer to any of the above is “no,” PMs should consider the Electronic Tenant Portal (above). The web-based, desktop and mobile informational hub provides 24/7 access to the information relied on by those associated with the property. 


Emergencies take many forms, such as active shooters, bomb threats, civil disturbances, equipment malfunctions, fire and medical emergencies, flooding, power outages, severe weather and toxic hazards. The ETS portal has functionality tailored to each emergency type outlining procedures so tenants are in the know, mitigating an unfortunate event’s impact.

Streamlined Communications During An Event Can Save Lives

The capability to reach people in real time can be critical, and tools like the Instant Alert Application help. It’s a professional-grade, powerful and agile alert system that provides an effective and efficient way for property managers to keep tenants updated on constantly changing circumstances. Similarly, the ETS email notification tool, a professional-grade, web-based, individual/group email application, aids with the distribution of vital information.


Integrating the above resources ahead of time permits PM teams and tenants to be better informed, better equipped and better prepared before and during an emergency.

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