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News Makes Foray Into Property Management

Online retailer has entered the real estate business with the re-launch of a property management site, Houserie. The site provides landlords and property managers services for managing single-family and multifamily properties. Makes Foray Into Property Management

Overstock acquired Houserie, which was founded in 2013, in February. Since then the company has revised the property management site to offer a variety of services, most of which are available instantly, including identity verification, eviction history, credit checks, background checks, tenant scorecards and tenant screening.

The launch marks the first phase of Overstock’s O Real Estate initiatives, which the company said will use advanced search tech to assist clients with real estate needs. 

O Real Estate will support landlords and tenants by providing a portal for renting, buying and managing property, according to Overstock. The O Real Estate site is slated to launch in September.

Overstock has been an early-adopter among retail operations that accept bitcoin. The company owns a unit called Medici Ventures that has invested in blockchain tech companies, and it also owns a crypto trading platform called tZero, CNN reports.