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Maine Senator Introduces Bill Against Gun Bans In Subsidized Housing


After a Rockland, ME, man shot an alleged intruder in his apartment last August, State Sen. Andre Cushing (R-Hampden) has introduced a bill that may prohibit gun bans in subsidized housing.

LD 1572, "An Act to Ensure Nondiscrimination Against Gun Owners in Public Housing," is in response to the incident, reports the Maine Sun Journal. The shooter, Harvey Lembo, is suing the owner and property management company of his Section 8 apartment, noting he was defending himself after being robbed several times. After the shooting, the landlord informed him that tenants are prohibited from having firearms in the building, where the man has lived since 1991.

Cushing's argument is that landlords who accept public money for programs, like the federally funded Section 8 voucher program, should not be allowed to hinder an individual's constitutional rights. [MSJ]