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How To Sprinkle Your Culture With Magic Dust


Want to develop exceptional customer and team environments? All it takes is what JLL Australia head of customer experience Peter Merrett calls "magic dust," or daring to be different—and transforming your business dramatically as a result. Applying hospitality philosophies to commercial real estate, for one, can create a deeply motivated culture of excellence.

Above, Peter (who presented with Webb Development executive and team coach Jonathan Webb) gets ready to measure a tower made of dry spaghetti, eggs and marshmallows, which he used as a team-building exercise during the education session.


The winning team had one of the only towers that didn't collapse, and it measured in at a lofty 550 millimeters (or nearly 22 inches, for the imperial-minded folks out there).

Don't listen to people who say things like "We don't have time to have fun," or "People aren't interested," Peter urges. He tells attendees not to give up, which is the essence of magic dust—and when you don't give up, you cannot fail.