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CPM Designations Indicate Cream Of The Crop


For more than 80 years, the Institute of Real Estate Management has stood behind the CPM designation as the bedrock and cornerstone of ethical, professional property management.

IREM credentials—known and trusted throughout the industry and earned through experience and education—are key to setting yourself apart from the pack.

The challenges in today’s job market—from industry consolidation and increased competition to being expected to do more with less—make it harder for you to prove your experience and credibility.

“The CPM designation can demonstrate your expertise and integrity to those who matter most—employers, owners and investors,” Chris Mellen, CPM and president, The Simon Cos, Braintree, MA, tells Bisnow.

Debbie Phillips, CPM, and winner of CPM of the Year at the 2015 REME Awards, told Bisnow in no uncertain terms that a professional with this designation stands apart from the competition.

“Well, not only do I recommend it to others, I make it a priority in my discussions and tell people that it’s a game-changer designation,” Debbie said.

“If somebody comes and has a CPM designation, it speaks to me about who that person is. It’s the intentional direction of a person and what they choose to do with their time. A CPM is very unique because it’s not just a plug and play,” Debbie continued.

“They have to use their intellect, innovation and creativity to say what they did on their case study or final capstone product. It’s not a one-size-fits-all.”

“Since earning my CPM, I’ve continued to advance my career and increase my earning potential,” says Eileen Wirth, CPM, president and CEO of Octavia Hill Association Inc., in agreement with Debbie.

“Today, I am president and CEO of my corporation solely due to my IREM relationships.”

The average total compensation for CPM candidates is $92,544. A CPM averages $135,162.

“I have profited enormously from the exceptional value of my CPM designation, so I enthusiastically encourage our employees to put it high on their professional development plans,” says Karen Whitt, CPM, president, US Investor Services and Real Estate Management Services at Colliers International.

CPM candidates are able to show potential clients that they're dedicated to ethical business practices. A CPM is a seasoned expert who wields a comprehensive understanding of the commercial real estate landscape.

In order to obtain a CPM, property managers must meet key eligibility requirements related to experience, ethics, education, management plan proficiency, and more.

“Obtaining the CPM designation isn’t easy,” says Mike Lanning, CPM, IREM president-elect, SVP, Cushman & Wakefield, AMO, Kansas City, MO, “but neither is earning a Ph.D. And the CPM will give you a return on your investment for the length of your career.”

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