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Would You Charge $84 for Parking?


A parking lot at 55 King St W in Kitchener, Ontario (62 miles from Toronto) just increased its rates for short-term parkers to $5/half hour to a maximum of $80/day—and 24 hours in the lot can cost you a whopping $84/day, since it costs another $4 to park between 6pm and 6am, reports The rates are even higher than Toronto's premium lots, where it costs $42 to park for 24 hours at Brookfield Place and $38 at First Canadian Place, it says. The lot is owned by Canadian property management company Dream, which didn't respond to's calls, but Paul McCormick, who manages Kitchener's city-owned parking lots, tells the website that the rates suggest the lot is trying to discourage short-term parkers, who can create problems for monthly pass holders by taking up too many spots.