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If you’re unfamiliar with Bisnow, or even if you’ve known us for some time, you probably don’t realize how much we’ve grown since pressing “send” on our inaugural Washington, D.C., newsletter in 2006. Today, Bisnow is the commercial real estate industry’s largest media outlet, with over 750,000 subscribers across 66 e-publications spanning 42 markets. Our website boasts 1.5+ million monthly visitors, and nearly 100,000 CRE professionals attend our 350 annual events.

So what does that mean for your marketing efforts?

When it comes to CRE marketing, times are changing. The days of branding for branding’s sake are all but over, and marketers are under increased pressure and scrutiny to prove return on investment when promoting their firms and bringing in new business. As John Wanamaker once (famously) said, "half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half."

At Bisnow, we have grown tired of giving the same, age-old answers media outlets give when justifying their products’ ROI. So we changed the conversation. In the last few years, Bisnow built an industry-leading platform for advertisers and sponsors that allows real-time access to actual leads we generate for them. If you run something with us, whether it’s an advertisement, a sponsored article or a video, you can stop guessing about the ROI because we can tell you who is clicking on your content — in addition to the performance metrics you are used to.

Sounds great right? It is. But if “great” makes you think “expensive,” take a deep breath. Bisnow has products and solutions for any budget. From under $1K to over $100K, we’ve got a product on our platform that will fit your price range and deliver results!

Click here to set up a time to speak with someone on our team about what we can do for you. We are not happy just providing the usual display ads, advertorials and boring events. Instead, we have spoken with thousands of marketers in the CRE industry and have built a suite of products that satisfy any and all marketing goals.

Popular goals include:

  • Branding (Visibility And Awareness)
  • Thought Leadership (Conveying Expertise)
  • Tombstoning (Highlighting Work/Deals Done)
  • Selling A Product (Selling/Leasing Properties)
  • Recruiting
  • Business Development (Lead Generation And Relationship Management)

So no matter what you are trying to accomplish, and no matter what your budget is, we can help you.