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Here's How Ivanka Trump Plans To Run Her Company With A Newborn


Ivanka Trump just gave birth to her third child and luckily for her, her company offers eight weeks of paid time off for new moms. 

Only 12% of US companies offer paid maternity leave, the Society for Human Resource Management says, a drop from 2010's 17%.

And that’s not normal—the US is one of just two countries in the world that doesn't ensure any paid time off for new moms. The other is Papua New Guinea, Business Insider reports.

How does Ivanka manage work and mothering? With help. She has a colleague who will act as a gatekeeper to filter through requests to determine what’s worth bothering her for.

And she emphasizes it’s critical to not go off the grid completely, saying she plans to check in with her team once a week. [BI]