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Introducing Bisnow’s Bosses: A Minute With Brian Kinslow

Bisnow proudly presents a new series called “Bisnow Bosses” focused on introducing you to the men and women building Bisnow, and your business, in your local market. Our mission is to inform and connect you to do more business, and our Bosses take it seriously! Here’s a quick chat with Brian Kinslow, our vice president of sales for Philadelphia, Atlanta and the Midwest. We spoke with him about microphone musings, caffeine-fueled insomnia and his six years here at Bisnow.

Brian Kinslow is Bisnow’s vice president of sales for Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago and the Midwest. Shoot him an email at

Kinslow with his wife, Tricia, and son Jackson

Who are you?

I'm a Philadelphia native, husband and new father. I love golfing. I even sometimes manage to hit a good shot.

What is your most insane experience at Bisnow so far?

Bisnow has given me the opportunity to explore the country to help grow various markets. The most insane experience was when my wife and I decided to pack all of our belongings into our car and drive from New York to Miami where we lived for six months. To make it even crazier, we only had a place to stay for one week. Once we figured out our living situation, we loved our time on South Beach and I'm happy to say that Florida is now one of Bisnow's fastest-growing markets!

Why Bisnow? Why commercial real estate?

This industry has an incredible impact on how people live. It’s grand enough to change a skyline and local enough to determine where I get my morning coffee. Before joining Bisnow I never knew just how much goes into every building, from concept to completion. I've been here for six years and I still learn something new every day. 

Kinslow on the links.

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

I put in my time as a busboy at a retirement home restaurant, worked as a valet at a car dealership and spent a summer repairing a warehouse roof. But the worst was when I was 18 and I had a commission-based internship selling life insurance. At the time, it was pretty painful making little to no money while trying to convince people double my age that they needed to think about what they would leave behind should tragedy strike. But looking back, that was such a valuable learning experience.

If you weren’t at Bisnow, where would you be and what would you be doing?

I've never met a microphone that I don't like, so maybe game-show host. Do they still exist?

What keeps you up at night?

When I all too frequently have a 4 o’clock coffee meeting. 


What is your most embarrassing moment?

It's an unseasonably hot September day and I'm a groomsman for one of my best friends. Right before "I take you to be my…," I get a little dizzy. Next thing you know, I'm looking up at everyone. 

Yeah, I'm that guy who fainted on the altar in front of 300 people. 

Where will you be 10 years from now?

Still in commercial real estate. This is a fast-paced business that rewards innovation, creative thinking and risk-taking.

How do you describe what you do to your buddies and clients?

I'm a part of the planet’s largest commercial real estate news and events platform, helping to connect and inform the community while creating meaningful relationships. And — I love it!

Brian Kinslow is Bisnow’s vice president of sales for Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago and the Midwest. You can meet him at any of our upcoming Atlanta events or shoot him an email at


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