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Next-Level Security: This Building Will Text You If It Detects Danger

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In case of emergency, read your new text message—it's from your building.

Construction giant Gilbane gave its Boston office a security upgrade with the Guardian indoor gunfire detection system from Shooter Detection Systems—and is pushing customers to do the same.

The $10k to $15k Guardian system uses sound and infrared to pinpoint an attacker in the building and sends the info to the police and occupants’ cellphones, saving lives, the Boston Globe reports.

The system is in 50 buildings, but snagging Gilbane as a customer is a major expansion. The company puts up large educational and government buildings—the types of “soft targets” where shooters do the most harm.

Kroll’s Boston managing director, Daniel Linskey, says the system could become the “minimum standard” for these types of buildings—no doubt what Shooter Detection Systems hopes. [Globe]