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Beard Master Gives Expert Grooming Tips In Time For Movember

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Gentlemen, take it from a guy who owned a Power Ranger toy shaving kit in second grade: how you keep your beard groomed is incredibly important.  

So as we head into Movember—the coolest fall tradition outside of pretending pumpkin spice isn’t delicious, but much more impactful—Bisnow caught up with one of the world’s leading men’s grooming authorities, master barber Adam Keith, to discuss how to champion men’s health while keeping a slick, professional appearance. 

His credentials: He's the youngest barber to ply his craft at Trumper’s, the world's oldest barbershop that’s remained in a single location, and the go-to groomer of royalty and heads of state. Adam began working at the London barbershop when he was 19, tabbed to infuse modern experience into the 141-year-old institution while respecting generations of hair tradition.

If you're in the Dallas area, stop in at GIOIA For Him and see Adam, who’s not only barbering, but also launching a shaving school at the shop.

If you aren't local here are Adam's tips on beard maintenance so that you can execute the perfect shave at home. 

Keep It Simple (And Short) Stupid

“Just like with your hair. Keep it short, keep it clean and keep it professional,” Adam says. "You want to keep it trimmed down, and maintaining neat edges is crucial."

Bottom line, you can go with any design you like as long as the lines are neat and clean. 

"You want to see the barber once every two weeks if you’re maintaining a full beard,” Adam adds. 

“If you’re doing it yourself, get clippers with a guard and run those over the beard to keep it well-maintained."

Set Some Boundaries

A key part of executing with precision is setting a definitive facial boundary before even picking up the razor. Adam tells us to draw an imaginary line from where the top of your ear touches your head and connect it to the corner of your mouth.

If you’re maintaining a beard, make sure all hair above that line is clean shaven.

“When you get to your lips, use a proper edger,” Adam adds. “You run a high risk of cutting yourself if you don’t."

Don’t Neglect Your Neck

The hair at the back of the neck can get a bit straggly, so don't let it be out of sight, out of mind.   

"When a guy is looking at himself in the mirror he’s generally not going to look at the neck area,” Adam says. “But he has to keep that area clean as well."

Prep Like The Pros

“Preparation is 50% of the work,” Adam tells Bisnow.  

He emphasizes that you should never shave without taking a shower first, if you can help it, as the water and heat weakens the hair by up to two-thirds.

“Get a good cream, such as Castle Forbes, that’s going to hold water on the face,” he says. “That’s key for a shave. Also, you will always get a better shave if you use a shave brush. It lifts the hair, which means you don’t have to press as hard with the razor.”


When your beard is groomed and ready to rock, rinse your face with warm water first and then switch to cold, which cleanses your pores.

Opt for a good quality aftershave balm. Keep in mind that essential oils are key. Castle Forbes utilizes three main oils: lavender for healing as well as  sandalwood and cedarwood for cleansing. They also include limes for tightening. Forgo an alcohol-based balm, which will dry your skin. 

Moving On From Movember 

After you’ve demonstrated both your bearded prowess and your affinity for men’s health, visit a professional barber to get back to your clean-shaven look. 

Remember to see Adam himself if you live near Dallas. He will be happy to give you a relaxing, refreshing shave, as well as show you some pointers.

Also, don't forget that Bisnow will be accepting donations to help combat prostate cancer at each of our events throughout November.