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Author Stops By BOMA To Tell Women To Negotiate Away The CRE Glass Ceiling

Sara Lascherer

“Women lose $1M over the span of their careers if they don’t negotiate,” author Sara Lascherer told BOMA International conference attendees on Tuesday, citing a study on salary negotiation. 

Lascherer, who wrote “Women and the Power of Negotiation,” shared tips on how to successfully negotiate and professionally advance as a woman in a presentation on Women in Commercial Real Estate at the 2017 BOMA International Conference & Expo.

The study shows men initiate negotiations on their own behalf four times as often as women do. While the so-called “silent greatness model” works in school, a different culture in the workplace requires more vocal initiative, Lascherer said. 

Women might have to advocate for themselves more forcefully, but companies also should encourage and pursue diversity, Lascherer said. Companies with more equal gender representation see greater leadership and better overall performance.