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When Office Meetings Leave The Boardroom Behind

National Office

When it comes to business, some are claiming creativity begins outside the boardroom.

A number of companies are encouraging employees to engage in activities beyond the office in order to prevent distractions and foster innovative thoughts, the New York Times reports.

Demand for creative office space has exploded in recent years as more millennials have entered the workforce. A study conducted by Technology Advice found that perks such as game rooms and gym memberships are now more important than flexible hours, vacation time and healthcare when it comes to employee retention. 

But in addition to having desirable office space, many companies are noting the benefits of getting outside and connecting beyond the workplace.

Startup Bombas has a 96% employee retention rate, which the company attributes to its push to conduct meetings in unconventional spots. ProductionGlue, a company that creates spectacles, began to force employees to take walks or ride bikes together in order to stir creative thoughts.

According to the Times, this manner of working not only helps to clear the mind but also caters to humans' innate need to be part of a community. Engaging in meetings over a manicure, a cycling class or even while surfing helps to open the lines of communication because employees and business partners begin to develop bonds and respect for each other.