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WeWork Launches Global Hybrid Work Initiative


WeWork has launched a global partnership with 11 cities across the country, including New York, Chicago and San Francisco, in an attempt to bolster return-to-office initiatives and incentivize hybrid work opportunities for businesses.  

WeWork will work with London, Singapore, Los Angeles, Boston and Seattle, to offer incentives to local businesses, such as discounts for new members, to push for flexible work initiatives.

The company will also continue its existing partnerships with cities such as Chicago and San Francisco, originally aimed at improving economic recovery as a result of the pandemic.

"Our space as a service, All Access, and WeWork Workplace management solutions provide companies of all sizes — from small to medium businesses, to enterprise companies — the ability to optimize their real estate needs and the tools to provide purpose in their return to office,” said Sandeep Mathrani, CEO and chairman at WeWork in a press release.

Executives across industries have pushed hard for employees to return to the office “or else,” with many instituting hardline approaches to remote work following Labor Day, as major cities across the country still experience average office usage rates below 50%.

A recent JLL survey noted that hybrid work will likely continue to be an essential component for attracting and recruiting talent for the foreseeable future, with 72% of the decision-makers polled agreeing that while the office is essential, work-from-home isn’t going anywhere.