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Experts Weigh In On The Office Of Today

The office of today has evolved, with employees able to enjoy more options than ever before. Some of the industry's top experts will discuss this topic at Bisnow's Office Leasing and Development Series event Nov. 2 at The Hibernia Bank in San Francisco.


CBRE president of Greater LA and OC Lewis Horne, who is among the all-star panelists, says today's office has evolved beyond simply desks that are used eight hours a day.

Lew describes office space these days as a "strategic tool that can and should be used to attract and retain today’s top talent."

As a result, office environments must be "forward-thinking spaces" with a focus on accommodating the creativity and well-being of workers, Lew says.


CBRE's more than 30 Workplace360 offices are an illustration of this idea, he says.

In the office space, the focus is on maximizing productivity and encouraging collaboration through the use of technology.

A "free-address and paperless environment" is what's offered at CBRE's Masonic Temple office in Glendale (above and below), similar to its downtown LA headquarters.


The offices incorporate high air quality standards and pay close attention to ergonomics and other wellness components, Lew says.

Glendale employees also have concierge services offered to them, including picking up dry cleaning and grocery shopping.

Focusing on top talent is more essential now than before with today's office playing a "crucial role in that effort,” according to Lew.


More organizations are opting for open workspaces and adding amenities, from rooftop gardens and cafés to fitness spaces, as a way to empower their employees and attract top talent, according to CannonDesign principal Chari Jalali.


HOK senior principal, director of workplace Kay Sargent tells Bisnow  it is necessary for offices "to evolve to stay relevant."

Today's offices are "transforming into energetic engagement centers that focus on human-centric experiences," she says.

It is also important to keep employee's individual work styles, demographics and personalities in mind and create office spaces that include options and variety, according to Kay.

Some of the more common office trends include options for standing and reclining, access to outdoor space, more collaborative areas and lounge spaces.

Office environments "need to support employee well-being and engagement to drive innovation and productivity," Kay says.

Join Lew, Kay and other top-notch industry experts at Bisnow's Office Leasing and Development Series event Nov. 2 at The Hibernia Bank in San Francisco.