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Office Lobbies Are The New Business Cards

Employers understand only too well how valuable first impressions can be. This extends beyond mere person-to-person interactions. 

Even the often overlooked office lobby can be a catalyst for positive brand recognition, JLL reports.


In the same way sight, smell and sounds can immediately incite a positive or negative response, so too can an office lobby. Creating a welcoming lobby that incorporates a company's brand elements into every aspect of the design is essential to setting the right tone for visitors.

At the Salesforce headquarters in San Francisco, JLL reports, a giant video screen with visually pleasing images of rainforests and waterfalls rotates on the lobby wall throughout the day, setting a calming tone upon arrival. Other offices have installed a café in the lobby to offer a comfortable and collaborative meeting place for employees as well as visitors.

From the paintings on the wall to the magazines on display, each piece should align closely with the corporation’s values, ensuring visitors leave the office with a positive and memorable experience.