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In The Future, Offices Will Support Worker Lifestyles

Offices might be traditional or creative or a hybrid of both, but there's one thing they'll need to be in the future: supportive not only of workers, but of their lifestyles. Find out more at our Denver Office of the Future event at the Ritz-Carlton Denver on March 24.


Office users are demanding more features that support the active lifestyle of their employees, Zeppelin Development principal Kyle Zeppelin, who will be a speaker, tells us. "Increasingly, tenants are requesting bike storage, workout area, dog parks and surrounding bike and pedestrian infrastructure that support healthy living," he says.


In short, the office of the future will extend beyond the four walls of its space into the community, and will include an increased demand for transit-oriented development and alternate transportation that counter an all-too-often sedentary office environment, Kyle adds. Pictured: Taxi II, a Zeppelin development.

Come hear more at our Denver Office of the Future event, beginning at 7:30am on March 24 at the Ritz-Carlton Denver. Sign up here.