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Suit Up! Fashion Go-Tos Throughout the Years

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Business pros have been rocking suits for decades. Some of the looks have been better than others. Today, we're taking you on a trip down memory lane to check out the best looks over the years, as seen through some of your favorite TV and movie characters. First up: the '60s. While it was an up-and-down decade, you've gotta love the clean lines and classic suits of the era, modeled by Mad Men's Don Draper here. The man—and the country—may be going underwater, but at least he's looking sharp.

For reasons unknown, designers in the '70s decided to make everything bigger, as seen by the looks Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford sported in All the President's Men. (Maybe more room to hide those government secrets.) The collars are big, lapels even bigger, and the ties are as comically oversized as interest rates were back then.

Things got much better by the time Huey Lewis and the News superfan Patrick Bateman was running around NYC in the '80s. Out were the garish prints and big features of years past; in were more tailored cuts, silk ties, and even a renaissance of the double-breasted suit.

The stock market, real estate bubbles, and the Soviet Union weren't the only things to crash as the '80s came to an end—the era of good looking suits did too. As the '90s reached full swing, designs took a step back, as modeled by Full House's Danny Tanner here (after a tough day hosting Wake Up, San Francisco.) We're not sure what's worse here: the endless pleats, way-too-big-for-him jacket, or closely coiffed mullet. Bonus points to Uncle Joey for that awesome sweater, though.

The designs of the '00s (or Aughts, or, what are we calling that decade anyway?) seem to have gone back to a more classic look: just ask the Winklevoss twins. Just because they're in a bitter court dispute with the future of the Internet doesn't mean they can't dress sharply and smartly. What's your favorite design over the years? Email us.