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Cracking Down on Airbnb: Landlord Sues Tenant for $300k


A NYC-based landlord is suing a tenant for $300k after her Airbnb rentals cost the building $60k in fines.

The building got slapped with fines for operating as an illegal hotel and not being up to hotel codes—even though the tenant, Madalina Iacob, committed the crime by subletting out her pad for $200/night.

The landlord’s lawyer, Lawrence Silberman, says, ”Under the law, the landlord is strictly liable even though it's the tenant causing the violation,” the New York Daily News reports. Yikes, landlords beware.

The landlord wants a court order to stop the Airbnb action and cash to pay the fines (up to $250k) and $50k in legal fees.

The case comes as three of the US' biggest landlords talk with Airbnb about listing their properties on the site—and Airbnb releases info about NYC rentals. [NYDN]

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