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This App Can Help You Find A Place To Live


What's the old saying? Necessity is the mother of apps. Roomi founder and CEO Ajay Yadav tells us that his app Roomi, which is now coming to Boston, strives to meet a need created by the market's achingly high rents.

The app is for those seeking to rent out empty rooms as well as those searching for a place to hang their hat. Upon registration or placing a listing, users answer personality and lifestyle questions, as well as the more standard location and price range inquiries.

“With a large and growing undergraduate, graduate and young working population in Boston in need of rental housing, the high demand for rental units is driving up prices, making solo living a non-option for many renters,” Ajay tells us.


Roomi is able to translate answers to the questions into a detailed profile, allowing users to search for housing and housemates who meet their needs and preferences. Ajay expects Millennials to be the main users, but the tightness of the Boston rental market means that “shared living is also an option for people of varying ages,” Ajay adds.

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