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Aimco Files Appeal In Lawsuit Against Airbnb


Apartment Investment and Management Co. filed an appeal with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit in California Friday weeks after a judge ruled that San Francisco-based Airbnb was not responsible for tenants violating their leases by listing apartments on the short-term rental platform.

Aimco sued Airbnb in February following ignored requests to stop booking short-term rentals at Aimco properties in Los Angeles. A separate lawsuit is pending in Florida. Aimco’s properties prohibit short-term rentals and commercial uses.

“We are standing up for the rights of our company and our residents who want and expect to live in peaceful, quiet residential communities,” Aimco Executive Vice President of Operations Keith Kimmel said in a statement. “Our residents do not want to live in a de-facto hotel for spring-break partiers, vacationers and other unvetted strangers who disturb the peace at all hours.” 

Aimco alleged Airbnb renters often bother existing residents and cited incidents of late-night disturbances, physical altercations, alcohol and cigarette use and guests damaging property.

The property owner said it has spent resources to turn away Airbnb short-term renters at security gates or escort them off the property. It alleges that while Aimco screens its residents, Airbnb does not screen its guests.

Responding to the appeal, Airbnb spokesperson Nick Papas told the Denver Business Journal, “Aimco has only proven one thing: they will do anything they can to punish middle-class families, including filing lawsuits that have already been rejected by a federal judge for having no merit.”