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Aequorea: The World's First 'Oceanscraper'


Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut wants to 3D print 3,000-foot “oceanscrapers”—called Aequorea—from algae and plastic garbage already floating in the Earth’s oceans.

The oceanscrapers’ 250 mixed-use floors would spiral down half a mile below sea level and house 20,000 people, along with labs, gardens and offices, so residents (or “aquanauts”) never have to see land again—straight out of the movie Waterworld.

If the idea wasn’t sci-fi enough already, Vincent wrote up the proposal as a fictional letter, titled An Open Letter to the People of the Land from the viewpoint of a future resident of an oceanscraper in the year 2065. 

Vincent imagines even the apartment floors being eco-friendly, saying, “We took inspiration from the antibacterial denticles of the Galapagos shark’s skin, thus eliminating the need for toxic detergents.” [BuzzBuzzHome]