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5 Tips For Creating High-Performing Email Subject Lines


Email marketing is more than just one of the best ways to get in touch with prospective commercial real estate clients — it is also an essential part of any long-term marketing campaign In fact, according to Hubspot, “email generates $42 for every $1 spent … making it one of the most effective options available.”

One of the most important steps for an email campaign is the subject line. Since this is the first thing that prospective clients will see, the subject line must provide information that will draw them in convey a sense of immediacy and also invite further correspondence. 

Read on for five tips that CRE marketers can use to create high-performing subject lines.

Gauge Results With A/B Testing

For CRE marketers, it can be difficult to tell offhand which subject line will lead to conversions and which will be left unopened. A/B testing can be used to send a different version of the same subject line to different emails to determine which will be the best-performing. Using A/B testing helps with providing real-world results and ensuring that you’re always putting your strongest line forward.


A — Los Angeles City Tourism Department Executive Director Doane Liu discusses new development on the horizon on March 8

B — Los Angeles City Tourism Department Executive Director Doane Liu discusses DTLA’s hotel and tourism recovery on March 8 — Winner (5.12% greater open rate)

Make Changes, Even If They’re Small

When doing A/B testing, CRE marketers should experiment with their subject lines by making changes, including using different punctuation marks, adding countdowns and special offers and sending emails at different times to see which will produce the highest open rate. Campaign Monitor said that even making small tweaks can help make a difference in impressions and engagement.


A — Only 20 tickets left at early bird pricing for Investment Opportunities in Tacoma March 10 — Winner (4.86% greater open rate)

B - Early bird tickets expire tonight for Investment Opportunities in Tacoma March 10

Include Personal Touches

Putting someone’s name into a subject line brings an element of individuality into a CRE campaign and helps create a connection between the company and the recipient. Campaign Monitor said that recipients are 26% more likely to view emails when the subject line is tailored to them. While adding in a personal element, such as a person’s first name, may involve adding an extra tag, doing so is crucial to increase the likelihood that the email would be opened. 


A — John, don't miss tomorrow's Seattle Architecture & Design event — Winner (5.16% greater open rate)

B — Tomorrow don't miss Seattle Architecture & Design

Prioritize Essential Information 

While email subject lines should be concise, they should also include information that gives readers the content they want from the get-go. Top Floor said that putting the essential information at the forefront helps clients with finding what they need quickly and avoids the possibility of the information not showing up due to character restrictions. For your particular company, be sure to do some research into what the target audience will care about most and include it in the subject line.


A — New speaker added: Tulfra's CEO Sonny Jumani joins New Jersey State of the Market May 5

B — Tulfra's CEO Sonny Jumani joins New Jersey State of the Market May 5 - Winner (7.14% greater open rate)

Create Mystery With Teasers

The goal of email marketing campaigns is to drive the audience to a landing page and some emails meet this goal by using a teaser, or a strategy meant to spark curiosity, prompting the need to click the email to find out more. Stripo said that teasers within subject lines should be concise as well as enticing enough for people to want to find out more, such as through a product launch or an opening of a location.


A — Save big using code HELLO2022: Charlotte Multifamily Boom Jan. 27 - Winner (8.33% greater open rate)

B — Save 22% with code HELLO2022: Charlotte Multifamily Boom Jan. 27

When it comes to email marketing, you have to know your audience, stay creative, and test for success. At Bisnow, we spend lots of time analyzing what works — and what doesn't — across markets, industries and asset classes.

If you're looking for more marketing expertise, keep up with Bisnow Marketing Services to learn about our top tips for success. Interested in leveraging Bisnow’s audience to create your own success stories? Set up a call now with our team here to learn more.