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How Can CRE Support Scientific Advancements? Learn More At Bisnow’s 2-Day International Life Sciences Event


While the commercial real estate life sciences sector has been impacted by economic uncertainty, the general consensus remains that as long as the demand for scientific innovation holds strong, so will the need for lab space to support it.

Science moves quickly and is constantly evolving, and life sciences investors, owners and developers need to evolve with it if they want to keep up. This is why they need to stay on top of the latest trends so they can ensure they are meeting the needs of today’s tenants. 

One way CRE professionals can stay in the know about this cutting-edge industry is to attend Bisnow’s International Life Sciences and Biotech Conference in Philadelphia on Oct. 11 and 12. The two-day conference will connect CRE professionals with executives on the forefront of life sciences real estate initiatives. Attendees will have the opportunity to gain knowledge about biotechnology trends and breakthroughs and discuss how CRE can embrace opportunities for deal-making.

While Bisnow is known for its local morning events, this summit is an unmissable international event, convening hundreds of leaders to explore the growing asset class. Click here to register for the event.

Robert Albro, partner and chief investment officer at King Street Properties who will be speaking on the Site Selection, Building On Spec and Analyzing Tenant Needs panel, said that the cooldown in the life sciences real estate sector this year hasn't impacted scientific advancement.

“Just because the real estate market is a little bit slower, it doesn’t mean research and development has decelerated,” he said. “Life sciences is a huge part of our economy and will continue to be as people want to be healthier and live longer. Innovation will not stop. In fact, the number of cures and therapies continues to expand every day, and companies are going to need space to do this important work.”

Tom Osha, executive vice president at Wexford Science & Technology, will be a speaker on the Top International Markets: Global Trends panel. He said that among the major trends in life sciences right now is the push to bring more advances in mRNA technology to the forefront, along with the emergence of collaborative opportunities for researchers in different fields of study and the inclusion of life sciences facilities in a greater variety of communities.

Michael Poisel, executive director at the Penn Center for Innovation and a speaker on the Helping Life Sciences Scale panel, described Philadelphia life sciences as “vibrant and exciting.” He said that having the chance to talk more about the innovations happening in the region drew him to speak at the International Life Sciences conference.

“It’s an opportunity to discuss Philadelphia and all the great things that are happening here, and I’m excited to be a part of an event where people are looking to the future and all of the potential that it could bring,” Poisel said. “I always look forward to meeting new people and hearing from their experiences. The conference is also an opportunity to learn more and gain knowledge from their insights and background.”

Osha added that Philadelphia has become an established hub for life sciences on a global scale, though the conference will be exploring opportunities and learnings from life sciences hubs around the world.

“The event is a great opportunity to connect and validate the trends we’re all seeing so that as we continue to gather information, we can be responsive to those trends,” Osha said. “It’s always best to hear the voice of the customer and of those on the ground.”

Suzet McKinney, who has a doctorate in public health and is principal and director of life sciences at Sterling Bay, said that she utilizes her experience and perspective as a former researcher in helping Sterling Bay pinpoint markets that would be best positioned for life sciences developments as well as working with prospective and current tenants to ensure they have what they need to feel comfortable in their spaces.

“As a scientist myself, I place great value on knowledge and idea-sharing,” McKinney said. “Life sciences professionals are a growing community, and I'm excited to work with and create spaces for the next generation of innovators in emerging markets throughout the country.”

McKinney, who is also a speaker on the Top International Markets: Global Trends panel, said that she looks forward to seeing how biotech companies build and design wellness-oriented lab spaces while taking the needs and perspectives of scientists into account, an initiative that Sterling Bay has already undertaken. 

“It's rare that someone like me, who spent time working in lab spaces, is involved in discussions on life sciences real estate, and I think that's what sets my role apart from others in the industry,” McKinney said. “I bring the perspective of actual scientists into our discussions on design, as well as a larger understanding of what types of interior and exterior ecosystems best enable discovery.”

Albro said that the International Life Sciences conference allows for professionals in the life sciences sector to come together and share ideas, especially as they relate to delivering more of what tenants require in their spaces.

“Thinking about tenants’ needs and desires is the key to a successful life sciences project, and we are using our vast experience to create spaces that will be desirable for a wide range of tenants,” Albro said. “The conference provides a unique opportunity to convey our perspectives and hear other points of view from our peers in the industry.”

Take the opportunity to learn more about the global life sciences market by registering to attend Bisnow’s International Life Sciences event. Join leaders from Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, the University of Pennsylvania, King Street Properties, Brandywine Realty and AstraZeneca. Tickets are expected to sell out, so don’t wait.

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