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Juniper Square Teams Up With JGM Fund Services And Fleming Fund Services To Bring Technology, Transparency To Private Investment


What started out as a year brimming with record-breaking investment volume and high property values has since shifted, leaving some commercial real estate investors uncertain about the future. 

However, despite the economic and global challenges facing the industry, many CRE investors remain bullish on the market. In fact, 66% of respondents in a recent Deloitte survey of chief financial officers of major commercial real estate owners and investors stated that they expect the market to remain stable or improve in 2023. CRE investment will continue, but now more than ever it is important for both public and private investors to have the utmost confidence in their portfolios, and that will require a higher level of transparency. 

For public investors, this is simple: They can pull up an app on their phone and get a broad snapshot of where things stand. The same cannot be said for the world of private investment, however, where limited partners often rely on a slew of back-and-forth emails with their general partners and complex spreadsheets to see where things stand.  

Juniper Square, a cloud-based real estate investment management platform, has been working to solve this problem through an interactive portal that offers a complete view of all partnership information in a single, unified platform that includes an integrated CRM, fundraising and investor portal, as well as investor reporting and insights tools. 

“During uncertain financial times, demand for financial insights and reporting soars because people want to know the risks their portfolios face,” Juniper Square Chief Marketing Officer Matt Lawson said. “We help GPs to deliver a great experience for their investors and we allow them to realize operational efficiencies by providing the tools to manage those investor relationships, manage their investor reporting and manage their investor accounting, all in one system.”

Now, Juniper Square has teamed up with JGM Fund Services and Fleming Fund Services to create Juniper Square’s Fund Administrator Alliance program, providing GPs with access to partners who deliver fund administration services. 

Founded in 2014, Juniper Square has more than 1,700 GPs who use its investment management platform, managing approximately 300,000 LPs. 

Juniper Square’s Fund Administrator Alliance program aims to digitize the world of private investment safely and securely to mimic the efficiency of public investment practices. Lawson said that for GPs, delivering that great investor experience prompts repeat business and referrals. From an investor perspective, there are a few things they would like to see from their GPs, including a timely report about how allocations were made, what the distributions are and ultimately, return on investment — and Juniper Square can help them deliver that. 

“At Juniper Square, we believe that working with leading administrators, those who are tech-savvy and have a similar vision for how to deliver private investment information in a compelling way, will pave the way for innovation within the industry,” Lawson said. “Teaming up with JGM and Fleming Fund Services has made this vision become a reality.”

Ben Jamron, co-founder and managing partner of JGM, which provides fund administration and tax services, said his company has always been focused on technology. 

“We see Juniper as one of the few technology players that are actually able to facilitate our sharing investor-level data, fund-level data and portfolio level-data with our clients’ investors,” he said. “Knowing that we will now have access to technology that will enable our clients and our future clients to do that is really exciting for us.” 

He added that JGM believes that technology will enable it to continue to provide a cost-effective solution to its clients.

“We at JGM really understand ‘complicated,’” Jamron said. “We believe that we have a great vision for how fund reporting, client service and the investor experience should be, and we believe that we have found a partner to deliver that through Juniper.” 

Lawson said technology will accelerate investors’ returns for years to come due to its ability to enhance operational efficiency. 

“The ability to share more information about a partnership and empower investors to access the information they want without having to pick up the phone is invaluable,” he said. “Technology and private equity have been around for a long time, and they have delivered tremendous returns for many years. But we think that the most successful GPs and the best investments will be the ones that take advantage of what technology has to offer.”

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