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Tesla Looking For Space To Open 'Lots' Of Service Centers, Narrowing In On East Coast

Electric vehicle maker Tesla is looking for locations to open "a lot of service centers," though it didn't specify a number. The company said it will focus this particular site selection effort on the northeast United States, according to the company.

A Tesla Model X

Tesla has been opening more service centers since 2018, when CEO Elon Musk called the lack of service coverage a "foolish oversight," Electrek reports. During Q4 2019 and Q1 2020, Tesla added 21 new service centers worldwide.

"Looking for exceptional commercial real estate professionals to join the team and help us open lots of service centers in the Northeast," Tesla President of Automotive Jerome Guillen wrote on LinkedIn. "If you feel qualified and are keen on joining us on this exciting journey, please apply!”


LinkedIn readers were paying attention, with several comments to Guillen's post expressing an interest in the job, as well as making suggestions about where to locate Tesla service centers. One suggestion was a closed mall in Michigan City, Indiana.

Tesla currently has more than 110 U.S. service centers, with more than 30 in its home state of California. Compared with the West Coast, there is a paucity of locations in the Northeast: only five in New York State, four in New Jersey, three in Massachusetts and one in Connecticut. Texas is better populated by Tesla service centers, with 10, while Florida has eight. Illinois has five.

The more cars Tesla sells, the stronger the demand for service centers will be. In 2019, the company sold about 367,000 units, or roughly 17% of the EV market. In 2018, the company sold 245,000 units worldwide.

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