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BOMA Goes Industrial!

National Industrial

Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International now offers services for industrial properties that will deliver value for all BOMA members. Realizing that industrial and commercial property managers share many concerns, a need for discussion and information on subjects like how to counteract asset value threats has increased. Metal theft, for example, is a hot topic. The most popular stolen metal is copper, which is a component of downspouts, flashings, gutters, water lines, electrical wiring, and air conditioning units. The situation has become so severe that some high-tech thieves are using Google Earth to find caches of exposed copper coil. BOMA is on the case. In fact, at this year's Every Building Conference & Expo, BOMA introduces a new Industrial Property Management education track. Experts in their fields will cover a variety of subjects ranging from best practices for industrial building inspections to energy management and security. Find more info on our sponsor here.