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Social Media Is Shaping Modern City Hotels

National Hotel
Hyatt Regency Century Plaza

The travel and tourism industry has changed throughout the years as consumer trends and preferences have shifted.

More than anything, people want memorable experiences when they travel, JLL reports.

Living like locals is high on the list of travel musts, so more modern hotels are incorporating city culture into their accommodations. From the design to the food and beverage, all aspects align with a theme that relates to the city in which the hotel is located.

Many hotels also cater the experiences they offer to the specific interests of their visitors, including providing optional cooking classes for foodies or yoga for fitness buffs.

And the spaces now need to be distinct for the hotel to set itself apart. People travel with the intention of capturing and sharing what they see over social media, JLL reports.

This can be beneficial to unique and beautiful hotels, which have the potential to be shared more readily and gain additional exposure in the marketplace.

If the hotel is unable to set itself apart physically, there is another way of capturing the attention of travelers.

Young people are more likely to use and align themselves with philanthropic brands, according to JLL. The Hilton does this well by allowing loyalty members to donate their points to different charities. They also match donations with a cash contribution.

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