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Are Umbrellas Enough To Fix Las Vegas ‘Death Ray' Hotel?

Guests staying at the Vdara Hotel in Las Vegas have complained for years about the building’s curved design, calling it a “death ray” that causes severe sunburn—but it looks like the hotel has finally found a solution: giant blue umbrellas.

Staff put up umbrellas all over the pool deck to protect guests from the sun, and they were badly needed. As the sun passes overhead it’s focused through the curved glass building, almost as if it were a magnifying glass, and heats up the pool area by a full 20 degrees, Business Insider reports.

While the company has not received reports of burns since incidents in 2010, one guest this year claimed the pool area was over 107 degrees Fahrenheit. For the sake of guests not being fried by the hotel, let's hope the umbrellas do the trick. [BI]