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Airbnb Promises To Crack Down On Illegal Listings


Admitting that Airbnb can be abused, the company is promising to remove listings it believes "are offered by hosts with multiple entire home listings or are offered by unwelcome commercial operators."

The move comes after increasing scrutiny of the homesharing firm for exacerbating the housing crisis, according to PC Magazine. Professor Paavo Monkkonen previously warned the company ran the risk of becoming the Napster of the hospitality industry if it couldn't learn to work with cities.

Airbnb provided some general numbers around usage and ended its note by acknowledging its contentious relations with regulators. Airbnb committed itself to "learning and being a good partner with cities around the world to ensure short-term rentals do not impact the cost and availability of long-term housing."

The Bay Area is one of the most expensive places to live, driving affordability discussions. [PCM]

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