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Applying For A CRE Job? Here’s What To Include (And Avoid) In A Résumé


For commercial real estate job seekers, crafting a résumé involves more than just showcasing years of work experience. While putting forth a lot of detail sounds like a surefire way of landing a CRE job, according to Indeed, employers are only spending an average of six to seven seconds scanning a résumé for keywords that align with the job description.

Landing a CRE job requires taking a few steps back and including the right bullet points to make a good résumé better. While doing so can take some time and effort, it means a greater likelihood that employers will actually take in key information and request an interview.

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Here are some do’s and don'ts for CRE job seekers to keep in mind when putting the résumé together.

Do: Showcase Industry Knowledge

While having a successful CRE career is typically about who you know, another key factor is what you know. The challenge with the résumé can be how to put what you know into writing. 

While using CRE industry terms can be a plus for a hiring committee, be sure that they are mentioned in the context of work experience. As an example, candidates can talk about the asset classes they have worked within the context of the knowledge they put forth to help clients in those asset classes achieve their goals. Adventures in CRE recommends writing a résumé as if you had a prospective colleague in mind who is well-versed in the industry.

Do: Put Forth Tangible Results

CRE hiring teams are more likely to be drawn to candidates who can showcase their achievements in the form of metrics, such as how many deals they worked on or closed by a certain time period, as well as the volume amount in dollars (or millions). Colliers said that using facts and statistics helps make the résumé stand out. For employers, having an employee who can show proof of success through concrete numbers can indicate that you can not only bring forth results, but can track progress against specific goals.

Do: Demonstrate The Best Personality Traits

Having the ability to build and maintain relationships with colleagues and clients is one of the most important facets of a successful CRE career. The Balance recommends bringing forth details such as client retention rates or office awards at past companies that emphasize the ability to foster a strong working relationship. When employers can see that a candidate is a team player and has a good track record with clients, they may feel inclined to learn more about how those skills can be brought into their company.

Don’t: Fixate On Irrelevant Experiences

While it may be tempting to fill a résumé with every task completed at every job held, candidates should pick and choose experiences that are directly related to the details on the CRE job description. Break Into CRE said that highlighting relevant experiences would show the hiring committee that you can adapt to the role quickly and perform the required tasks easily and efficiently. Candidates who are newer to the industry can list roles and responsibilities that are related and transferable to the CRE job. 

Don’t: Focus On Software Over Skills

Mentioning proficiency in using Microsoft projects or other software can help demonstrate some skills needed for the job. However, employers are likely to place more value on how candidates have achieved desired results using the software, rather than knowledge of the software itself. Break Into CRE said that because hiring committees may infer that candidates already have experience in certain software, it’s best to place more focus on work experience that shows success. For example, saying “created a detailed list of 50 clients using Microsoft Excel” would be more compelling than "demonstrated Microsoft Excel skills to create client lists."

Putting one’s self out there on paper can be challenging for some job seekers; however, crafting a solid résumé is an essential first step toward finding the best careers in commercial real estate. Contact SelectLeaders for more information or assistance with applying for a commercial real estate role.

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