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Ben Carson Reportedly Has Been Offered HUD Secretary Position


It appears Ben Carson could be our next secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Donald Trump said in a tweet Tuesday morning that he is “seriously considering” hiring former GOP presidential candidate and renowned neurosurgeon Ben Carson as HUD secretary.

Carson told Fox news Tuesday night that HUD secretary is indeed "one of the offers that is on the table" from Trump, and the most appealing one.

But it may be difficult for the president-elect to get him on board. Last week, Carson took himself out of the running for a Cabinet position in Trump’s administration because, according to a spokesperson, he feels he lacks the government experience needed to run a federal agency—an eyebrow-raising assessment, considering he ran for president. He's since said he'll consider an appointment.

Were Carson to take the HUD secretary post, he’d be responsible for overseeing federal public housing programs, and creating policy to address homelessness and housing discrimination. Carson has never worked in housing, finance or any related field. 

Carson has been critical of HUD in the past, accusing it of overreach, so having him at the helm could mean a dramatic turnaround in the department's strategy and programs.

Even if he's nominated by Trump, Carson would still have to receive Senate approval.