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On The Lookout For Work? These Are The Top Cities For Job Seekers


The US economy remains on good footing after weathering global shocks in Europe and China this year. Despite anemic economic growth—annual GDP growth has yet to exceed 3% in 10 consecutive years—the labor market has recently had some of its strongest growth since the late 1990s and experts project more than 2 million jobs will be created this year, according to Cushman & Wakefield's latest US Macro Forecast.

What do these economic factors tell us? Americans finally have a healthy increase in wages, and those who are seeking work are more likely to find jobs

With national unemployment rates holding at 5% and below, these top US cities will give job seekers the best opportunity to find work depending on their career paths. Take a look below at the top markets for potential job seekers, broken down by fields, according to a recent Abodo report

"It's clear that opportunity is available in major cities across the country," Abodo's Sam Radbil tells Bisnow. "Whether you're a Millennial looking for your first job after college, or a Baby Boomer starting a new career, it's important to know where to look for the fastest-growing jobs in your industry and in your city."

Community And Social Service Occupations


Community and social service jobs are the largest growth category of any occupation group—these jobs include social workers, counselors and probation officers.

Of the 25 most populous cities, Philadelphia, New York and Boston are the three densest markets for this job category. Employment gains for jobs jumped by 14.61% in the past three years.

Computer And Mathematics Occupations


San Jose took the lead as home to the most computer and mathematics gigs, and San Francisco wasn't far behind, ranking second with three times the average concentration of computer and math jobs.

Job seekers interested in software and web development, programming and computer research are likely to find good opportunities in these tech hubs.  

Healthcare Practitioners And Technicians


Healthcare typically flourishes in any market, as everyone is in need of medical attention and preventive care throughout the course of their lives. Philadelphia, Detroit and Boston have the highest concentration of these jobs compared to the national average.

San Francisco, San Jose and Washington, DC, are some of the last places healthcare practitioners should consider seeking work, based on Abodo's numbers.

Construction And Extraction Occupations


Of the top 10 cities for a good construction and extraction gig, none were on the East Coast or in the Midwest—though five of the top 10 are in Texas.

This ranking reflects the state's explosive population growth over the years—as more people require more housing and city infrastructure. 

Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports And Media Occupations


These jobs are typically in large metropolitan areas, and include actors, journalists, PR practitioners and musicians.

Los Angeles ranked No. 1 in the number of jobs concentrated in this category compared to the national average. New York and San Francisco followed.