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Here's Why US Loans Are Getting Paid On Time


The US is catching up on its loan payments—just in time for Christmas shopping.

Fitch Ratings index results show that a combo of new loans and resolutions of old ones cut US CMBS delinquency rates 21 bps to 4.16% in November—a $696M drop from $16.4B to $15.7B. 

$1B in late loans were resolved in November, over three times the $325M in new delinquencies, Fitch Ratings reports. 

On top of that, $7.3B in new loans were issued, outstripping the $4.7B in paid-off ones, so late loans made up a smaller piece of the pie.

Only the industrial sector saw a rate bump (4.22% to 4.38%)—all other sectors cut delinquency. 

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