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DNC: Airbnb, Uber Tell Democrats Shared-Economy Companies Are Vital To The Future


Airbnb is using its presence at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia to rally support from investors and politicians alike for its shared-housing company culture.

The S.F. company has arranged accommodations for more than 7,000 visitors for the convention in locations rented out by 3,000 Airbnb hosts—that’s a nice chunk of the estimated 40,000 DNC attendees.

Airbnb and its shared-economy cousin Uber hosted a panel at the convention today, hoping to make clear the role the popular companies play in potential political opportunities. Airbnb cited a survey that 80% of Millennials support the company operating in their area, Bloomberg reports.

“If you’re a candidate, whether running for president or really any office…you ought to be talking about the sharing economy, because it is core and central to (Millennials) economic future,” Airbnb head of public affairs Chris Lehane says. [Bloomberg]