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Corporate Execs Weigh The Pros And Cons Of Dismantling Dodd-Frank

President Donald Trump

President-elect Donald Trump has made clear his position regarding the controversial Dodd-Frank Act, even going as far as announcing plans to dismantle the federal legislation upon entering the White House next year.

But corporate CFOs are weighing the pros and cons of such a move and its impact on nonbank provisions like instructions on executive pay and hedging disclosure rules. Though many of the regulationsare deemed excessive, time-consuming and costly, there are aspects of Dodd-Frank that are reasonable to some execs, the Wall Street Journal reports, and some say they’ll continue to implement the more common sense aspects of the law even if it is repealed.

Gap CFO Teri List-Stoll says those companies that have invested in adhering to Dodd-Frank’s regulations—and whose shareholders are pleased with the results—will likely continue to implement the measures. [WSJ]