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Predictions From Atlanta

National Data Center

Some predictions were made by our panelists at our recent Atlanta Data Center Outlook. PEER1 Hosting's Blake Clark (on left with Carter Validus' John Regan) says that PEER 1 is focused on reducing the amount of cooling SF needed in its data centers, and even raising interior temperatures. "We're working on designs now on newer data centers to push our machines into the 100%, 105%, maybe even 110% efficient." For clients, they don't care so much about the temperature of the data center, but the bottom line cost, which will be less with less cooling. (Bottom line: if you're going to a data center, bring a towel.) And John says Cloud servicing will become even more important, especially as even basic appliances become connected to the Internet. "The adoption rate [for Cloud] will very likely end up going up, and perhaps very rapidly," John says.