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From Pumping Gas To Pumping Iron: Reebok, Gensler Want To Transform Gas Stations Into Exercise Outposts

Reebok and Gensler are out to transform gas stations nationwide into health and wellness-oriented developments. 


Gensler and Reebok's “Get Pumped” campaign laid out design concepts they hope others will use to repurpose gas stations. The campaign is founded on the premise that fossil-fuel cars are going the way of the dinosaur and banks on a major decline in demand for gasoline to make its strategy possible.

The plan is to turn obsolete gas stations across the nation into sustainable fitness centers where travelers can stop to recharge both themselves and their electric cars.

The team created three design strategies based on the type of gas station they could replace.

The Community Center

Reebok and Gensler Community Center concept

Made to fill small-town gas stations, the Community Center model would include four different ways for communities to engage in healthy practices. Gensler and Reebok want these spaces to include an electric car charging station, a space to host nutrition classes, a mini-mart with local, healthy food offerings and pop-up trucks offering rotating fitness classes.

The Network

Reebok and Gensler's Network model

Proposed to overtake major interstate rest stops, the Network model is supposed to function as a kinetic power station. Travelers can stop and generate energy through spinning, boxing, CrossFit, Les Mills and a running trail.

The Oasis

Reebok and Gensler's Oasis concept

This model is made to replace larger gas stations on small, local highways. They would function as recharge zones for travelers. Reebok and Gensler envision these spaces with a farm-to-table eatery, a juice bar, a yoga area and meditation pods. The exterior would feature an herb garden and outdoor wheels where people can run in the fresh air.

So far, there is no date set for implementation. Reebok and Gensler are in talks regarding next steps for the campaign, according to a representative from M&C Saatchi.