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How Public-Private Partnerships Are Transforming California's Town Centers

The County of Orange Civic Center

A set of twin office towers designed to house 5,000 employees in Santa Ana. An outdoor reading deck for a library in Salinas. Some of the most influential public projects in California's counties and cities are being delivered in tandem with private companies through a progressive form of project delivery: public-private partnerships.

In P3 projects, as these partnerships are known, private developers, along with architects and contractors, pair up with state and local governments to reshape public buildings and spaces. The team works together to share the risks and rewards of new development to create projects that improve the communities where these projects take shape.

"When we're building P3 projects, we are able to set clear goals, priorities and expectations to deliver products that transform communities," said Korin Crawford, executive vice president at Griffin|Swinerton. "Government and public clients are long-term, stable and responsible, and we have decades of a successful track record serving them."

In 2009, Swinerton formalized a joint venture with Griffin Structures, a development and program management firm, to focus wholly on public-private partnerships. The resulting entity, Griffin|Swinerton, has rapidly become a leader in designing, developing and delivering P3 projects across California, from libraries to community centers to arenas to entire civic districts. The group has more than $600M worth of projects in its pipeline.

For its employees, the projects that Griffin|Swinerton completes are especially meaningful because of the public benefits they bring to a whole city or county.

"We put a huge emphasis on client and community engagement," Swinerton President Dave Callis said. "We align client expectations and resources with our project plan from the beginning. We like to think we get it right from the start."

Explore the map below to learn more about five P3 projects and to get a taste of the many projects that Griffin|Swinerton has in the pipeline to rebuild California's cities.


This feature was produced in collaboration between the Bisnow Branded Content Studio and Swinerton. Bisnow news staff was not involved in the production of this content.